Monday, December 8, 2008

November Highlights!

November, a month dear to my heart...

  • Gilbert Days Parade... My family goes every year. It's always entertaining with my family. They yell things like, "Top O' the mornin' to yeh!" at the people on the Irish float and, "Ha Cha Cha!" at Mexican dancers... I won't mention what the sisters were saying about a certain cowboy :)

  • Midnight Twilight!!!! Whoop. Whoop. A long awaited night. I went to the midnight showing of Twilight with a couple of the sisters and some other fun ladies. Yes, Yes, we made T-shirts- they said "Edward I'm here my love". For me, this movie was an out of body experience... I seriously can't even call it a movie. I loved every second of it, cheese and all :) That night I took place among all squealing highschoolers in our theater... such vocal moments in the movie included... seeing Edward for the first time, when Edward- in all his sun glasses glory- stepped out of the Volvo with Bella, the meadow, the KISSING, ahhhh all of it!!!

  • November 21st... Nathaniel's 26th birthday and our 2 year anniversary!! Nathaniel. What can I say about him?... He is honestly the funniest being on earth. He is brilliantly business minded. He works hard every day. He is annoyingly persevering. He would do anything for me. I am truly blessed to have him in my life... What can I say about our first 2 years of marriage? Well... he must love me. I'm a bit of a handful. I have loved our time together and I look forward to our years to come.
  • Thanksgiving... My assignment was funeral potatoes. Here I am, before any festivities of the day, preping my delicious potatoes.
...Turkey Bowl!!!
...typical twins. Always off plotting somewhere.
...Dinner at the Allens!!

...Post-dinner walk. Following our feast, we strolled down the street and found a couple of lucky turkeys!

Okay, the sight and sound of a turkey gobble really makes me laugh... the only thing funnier than the turkey gobble, in this video, are the sounds everyone makes to try and get the turkey to gobble :)

...We finished out our Thanksgiving holiday at my parents house. We relaxed by the fire pit and watched Indiana Jones. Nathaniel played checkers, I swear he was playing for hours!

  • Christmas Lights... We picked out and purchased our first Christmas lights. Nathaniel hung our first Christmas lights on our first house!!! A lot of firsts!!!