Friday, July 25, 2008

No new idols in my immediate family...

Alright they both didn't make it, but hey at least they had the experience! Pictures of the event will be up soon!


Okay so just for fun- (I know many of you already know this) Nathaniel decided to go try out, with his sister Rebecca, for American Idol! He left at five o'clock this morning!!! I just talked to him and he said that he is in a stadium with 3000 other hopefuls. Rebecca promised me that she would take a lot of pictures... so as soon as I know how to put pictures on my blog, they will be there and we all can see more of their adventure. We'll see what happens, though Nathaniel did make it on price is right. He won a life time supply of Peeps LOL!! C'mon that's got to mean something :)

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

My brain is dying.

Okay, Nathaniel is gone on business and I have to take a break from my brain frying homework for a minute to vent... and what better way to vent than to blog?! So among various other assignments to be completed tonight, I have to write three papers. Yep it's nine o'clock, I've been doing homework since I got home AT SIX, and time is running out. Overwhelmed. Let's talk about what these three papers are on... teaching the acquisition of a second language, more specifically, "Language Pedagogy". All three papers are loosely related to that accursed word that I have so come to loathe... "Pedagogy". That word is so darned intimidating. Why do professors feel the need to complicate written instruction? I know why, to make themselves feel superior to their students and validated in their instruction. In short, to make themselves feel smarter. Mental Note: I will never be that educator. Well all, let's hope I make it through the night. I actually feel better already, but don't worry I won't let my rantings and ravings become a blogging habit.