Tuesday, May 5, 2009


March. March. What happened in March?
Myself and family celebrated our Irish blood on St. Patty's day!
Don't worry. Children were told that the mugs on shown festive banner were filled with Root Beer.
Eating green.
Green items on the menu included...
Green Potato Salad
Garden Salad
Seven Up
Green Veggies
Green Pigs in a Blanket
My Key Lime Pies. So domestic.

Pin it on the Shamrock.
Hot potato to Irish tunes.
Winners were awarded chocolate gold.
Blue got a hold of that chocolate.
We finished out the night inside, viewing a Tuft family favorite... Far and Away.
"Me spoons Joseph, me spoons!"


Ian and Kristen said...

Hey look at you... you're almost caught up! Ha ha... your pies are so cute... what a little domestic diva you are!

Marisa and Rob Rasmussen said...

How fun!!! Your pies look YUMMY!!!! :) Little miss homemaker!!! :)

Tyler and Lara said...

Hey Rachel! It was so good to hear from you! I think the last time I saw you was at your wedding... sad. I would love to hear what's new with you. Your pictures are so cute by the way!

Mariah said...

Oh my gosh! Blue is HILARIOUS!!! I love you!

Carolyn said...

Rachel! yes i know your conducting skills well ;)

we like to admire you beauty in the back of the room...your like a fair maiden....we're all jealous. I was just telling my husband how cute you are :)

so now that you know i watch you from afar, don't be scared. technically we've talked twice...but the first time was to scary to count. So glad you decided to check out my blog, then maybe someday we can be real life friends too!